The Savvy business Consultant, A HUB-Certified-Minority- WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS. Providing Professional expertise; serving communities; Business Strategy; planning support. Certified Health Coach/Life Coach on a mission; Coaching Greatness to inspire/Educate/Engage Women/moms on the VALUE of Health & Nutrition | wealth creation| Management | Global *Professional Specializing in Teambuilding & WELLNESS * Midlife Professionals "A Healthy Business; A Healthy You!"

  • Certified HEALTH Coach
  • Networked with other professionals Forsyth Tech Small Business Team
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Considered an authority in a particular field Banking/ Wellness/ Management
  • CHC, Pilates Instructor, Zumba Instructor; NIKE Running/Walking Coach, P/T Weight Watchers Leader
  • Has had direct reports in an organization Asst Vice President in Banking Career
  • Donates time to philanthropic causes or organizations


sherry Robinson/The Savvy Business Consultant Health & Wealth
"Open Minds has space for WEALTH" #HealthyHabitsforLife!
Hello and Thanks for Stopping By...WELCOME Beautiful Souls...Designing and Taking Full Responsibility For My Life!!! BUSINESS WOMEN are changing! We build E-Commerce Empires around the World. We earn Money from our phones. We change the WORLD with WIFI! xoxo
I Am Sherry Robinson/ The Savvy Business Consultant (HUB Certified-Woman Owned), Wealth Builder & Health Coach/Educator/Life Coach. My wish for you is that 2024 has been a Juicy Profitable, Productive and Positive year for you.,so far. I’ve always been passionate about helping our families/kids live healthier & curb the effects of obesity… because I’ve seen the impact of obesity in my own family, as well as losing a brother to heart disease at an early age, father passed away April 2018. Seeing what has happened in my own family compels me to make my health a Priority… and inspire and coach also. Life is too precious to spend it being unhealthy. I’m excited to be part of this amazing journey as a Plant BasedHealth Coach. I have been mentoring and inspiring individuals and teams since 2002. I have mastered 27 years in the Corporate Banking Executive Industry where I led and developed teams of banking professionals to sell products and build relationships with customers resulting in Profitability for Companies. I have always lived a healthy lifestyle by watching/learning and educating others on nutrition/wellness and fitness. I am a Lifetime Weight Watcher and have been a member since 2001. I spent time teaching and training others as a personal trainer, as a running/walking coach and I currently serve as a Zumba Instructor and Wellness Coach. I also enjoy being a Marathon runner and walker. In 2016, I ended my Professional Services with Lexus, as a SALES CONSULTANT; BUSINESS MANAGER, assisting prospects and clients with selecting; financing the CAR or SUV of their dreams. I am a reliable and dependable team player who communicates effectively, relates well with people, and uses interpersonal skills to work with all my clients needs.  I have a strong background in public relations and professional marketing.  Please feel free to connect with me at or  #EverythingIsRiskyBabe!   #AlwaysBetOnYOU   #LOVEISTHEANSWER

Career Timeline

  1. -
    Certified Health Coach, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

    Dedicated to the teaching of others 1:1 or group settings on how best to incorporate healthier food and lifestyle choices while educating clients on how all part of their life affect their health as a whole. Conduct telephonic, and/or online clinical coaching assessments and sessions. Provide healthy recommendations for behavior changes.

    I have found that the answer to good health lies in four areas: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.) - how we live, move, think, and eat. The goal is not only to prevent unnecessary sickness, disease, pregnancy complications or unhealthy aging, but also to help those who are already suffering from health issues such as obesity, ADHD, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many others. Learning and developing a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be complicated. I want to help others feel empowered to make healthy choices so they can experience:

    Improved behavior and ability to concentrate at work or in the classroom
    Fewer days missed at work or school due to sickness
    Less time and money spent at doctor appointments
    Reduced depression or moodiness
    More energy and better rest
    And more!


  2. -
    Retail Branch Manager, AVP, SunTrust Bank

    Drove branch performance. Managed 6 full time employees, conducted performance reviews,performance counseling and employee hiring.
    ● Having strong personal sales performance.
    ● Being able to provide clear direction and strong leadership skills, execution of superior service.
    ● Meet and exceeded 100% of branch sales goals while maintaining an operationally efficient and
    compliant branch by managing sales behaviors and activities of the team.
    ● Brought in new primary relationships, while maintaining and expanding existing personal and business banking relationships through conducting outside sales efforts.

  3. -
    Certified Personal Trainer, WITS
  4. -
    Business Development Manager & Sales Manager, VP, TD

    Maintained, generated and serviced profitable business and retail branch banking. Managed 7
    employees. Monitored branch sales efforts to meet / exceed sales goals. Ensured high quality
    service.Continuously coached staff to cross-sell products and services effectively daily.
    ● Grew total branch deposit $8.34MM for 2005. Generated and closed small business loans.

  5. -
    Operations Administrator, BNY Mellon

    Prepared Retail Sector’s monthly Proving and Aging Report for Senior Management. Reviewed Assets and
    Liabilities for multiple cost centers daily. Assisted Regional Management with operational issues throughout
    NY, NJ and CT. Worked on special projects to streamline retail branch policies and procedures; identified
    revenue opportunities.

  6. -
    Branch Manager, BNY Mellon

    Opened and closed accounts, crosssold,
    and reviewed loans and lines of credit for approval. Provided
    guidance, training and development to staff. Developed small business opportunities. Identified key and high
    potential customers to expand their relationships with the bank.
    customer base by soliciting existing customers and referrals while growing branch profitability.
    customer relationships by identifying key and high potential customers.

  7. -
    Customer Service Representative/ Teller, National Community Bank

    Provided customers services including certifying and processing customer transactions, and resolving
    complaints and inquires.

Proudest Accomplishment

BecomingAnAwesomeMOM/Certified Health Coach/GlobalBizEntrepreneur/I AM A LEADER!  #AbundanceMindset

Experience Highlights

  • Retail Branch Manager, AVP
    Truist Bank
  • Business Development Manager & Sales Manager, Vice President
    TD Banknorth
  • Operations Administrator
    BNY Mellon
  • Branch Manager
    Bank of New York
  • Sales Consultant; Business Manager-LEXUS
    LEXUS of Winston-Salem NC

Education Highlights

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Student
    Whiteville High School
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Health Coach Sherry
    Feel Young and Live Longer; Develop & maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. #ItsYourLife #AgEWell #Selfcar


  • Volunteer
    The Salvation Army
  • Team In Training- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • United Way
    Highlight Description
  • ABWA- American Business Women Association International
  • Women In Investments


  • Health-Management-WealthCreation-Community Involvement-Coaching-Networking-Entrepreneurship-Selfcare
  • Fitness/ Dancing
    Licensed Zumba Instructor- Lots of fun and movement; Burn Lots of Calories
  • Coaching
    Coached teams to train for marathons; Former Personal Trainer; coach 1:1 to meet and exceed goals
  • Business Building
    Love working with and supporting small business owners to create Productive/ Profitable team-mates
  • Webb Savvy
    Enjoy learning new technology


  • Small Business Lending
  • Network Marketing Professional
  • Public Speaking
  • Career Development
  • Customer Retention
  • People Development
  • Connecting People
  • Team Building
  • Sales Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self Management
  • Leadership
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Organization
  • NC Notary
  • Event Planning
  • E-Commerce
  • GYM Management

Questions & Answers

What are your 5 greatest accomplishments
Training a team of 26 people to Run A Marathon 26.2- Dublin,Ireland, Giving Birth to my SON; Purchased a 2nd Home; Being a Bank Executive Officer: Being A Caregiver to my Deceased Parents
What are my Top 5 Hobbies
Exercise; Reading:Public Speaking; Traveling; Journaling: Cooking

If I could have Dinner with anyone in history, who would it be:
Oprah and Jackie Kennedy Onassis

What is my favorite Color?

Purple is my favorite Color it has POWER/ Royalty! It has a richness and quality to it that demands respect. Purple is ambitious and self-assured, the leader.

What is my Zodiac Sign?

LEO the LION... of course! Natural Born Leaders and Enjoy Being In Charge!  

What is a word I Love?
Gratitude: an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has. ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL! I Love You!
What is an AWESOME Piece of Advice that I share?

Always, BElieve IN YOUrself and HAVE FAITH! Love

How do I care for Extroverts?

Explore; Encourage; Compliment Them; Respect Independence; Understand and Let Them SHINE !

What is one FUN Fact about me?

I have been a Lifetime Weight Watcher since April 5, 2001 & has NEVER QUIT as of this day!

What is A Favorite Quote of Mine?

LIFE is not about finding yourself... LIFE is about creating yourself!

What Do YOU Want To Be Known For?
Inspiring HEALTHY /Wealthy Living Around The WORLD!
What is My Global Wellness E-Commerce Biz?

"Simple changes can make BIG differences in your personal HEALTH! Our products are designed to help YOU move forward wherever YOU are on Your Health Journey! HTTPS:// Thanks for asking :-) #OwnYourLife #LiveBetter #InvestInYou #HealthyLifestyle


  • It's A Lifestyle!
    It's A Lifestyle!
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  • Letz Dance!
    Letz Dance!
  • Lifestyle
  • #MillionaireMindset
  • LIFE Is An Experience!
    LIFE Is An Experience!
  • Eat Clean
    Eat Clean
  • #WholeFoodNutrition
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  • #loyallexusfan #bestbrand
    #loyallexusfan #bestbrand
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  • I am Sherry W Robinson!
    I am Sherry W Robinson!
  • You deserve everything. The peace, prosperity and love.💫
    You deserve everything. The peace, prosperity and love.💫
  • I want everyone in this world to have shelter, to have food, to have money, to have happiness, to have joy. 💜 #gratitude
    I want everyone in this world to have shelter, to have food, to have money, to have happiness, to have joy. 💜 #gratitude
  • Always BET on YOU‼️🙏🏽
    Always BET on YOU‼️🙏🏽



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